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Nov 26, 2022

Some state public bodies were previously government agencies in the Soviet Union, which were reorganized into a fully state-owned CCS in 1992-1993 to transition to a fully independent enterprise. The management and board of directors of these SOEs were appointed by the Council of Ministers/Government and included senior officials and ministers. The largest of these companies were initially established as Russian joint-stock companies (Russian: Российское акционерное общество, abbreviated RAO). The best known examples were RAO UES and RAO Gazprom. But they have since been converted to public JSC (OAO), although their shares remain government-owned. Private companies whose owners are legally liable for their debts only up to the amount of the capital they invest. The minimum capital requirement is 10,000 Russian rubles. So what does the concept of limited liability company (LLC) mean? It is a legal entity that can have up to 50 members. At the same time, not only natural persons, but also legal persons have the right to be founders. If the owner of the securities is a legal entity, a copy of the registration documents is required.

Then, data on the receipt of funds or property from shareholders is prepared. While previously the obligation to disclose information about the activities of an OAO was unconditional, a joint-stock company now has the right to apply for an exemption to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This possibility can be used by both public and non-public enterprises, but it is much more relevant for public publication. Under the proposed amendments, there will be three main forms of commercial companies: the public joint-stock company (publichnoye aktsionernoye obschestvo or PAO), the non-public joint-stock company (nepublichnoye aktsionernoye obschestvo or NAO) and the limited liability company (obschestvo s ogranichenii otvestvenosstiu or OOO). DTP and NAO are completely new forms of company; The OOO is not new, but will be subject to some new rules. The advantages of PJSC are the features of the capital formation allowed upon registration. A fixed amount is not deposited in the company`s account – funds are credited to the balance sheet as a result of the turnover of issued shares. Information on PJSC`s activities is publicly available, and anyone can become a new shareholder of the company if they wish. NAO: The registrar can also confirm the information, but his duties can be delegated to a notary. The persons who have the right to redeem these securities in their own property form the authorised capital of the public limited company and are referred to as participants or shareholders of the public limited company. In fact, there have always been opportunities to create a unified position for some or all shareholders.

Today, however, changes in civil law have moved them from the category of “gentleman`s agreements” to the official level. From now on, the violation of a partnership contract can even become a ground for recognizing resolutions of the general meeting as illegal. PJSC is a public limited company. Its shareholders have the right to dispose of their own shares without restriction at their discretion (purchase, sale, transfer). A shareholder can hold any number of shares. Membership in the company is not restricted. It is formed according to the volume of securities issued. How this happens and why it is necessary should be considered in more detail. What is a corporation? To understand the difference between JSC and JSC, it is necessary to consider this form of economic activity in a general sense. Such an organization is formed by several founders. The authorized capital consists of a certain number of shares distributed among the owners.

They are issued when a company is created. In addition, the number of securities and their nominal value are determined immediately. The rules of their distribution indicate the type of organization of the company. These titles share certain rights with their owners. For the fact that, at the end of the reporting period, the shareholder has contributed a certain amount of his funds to the authorized capital (it is determined by the share) in order to receive the corresponding part of the net profit. This remuneration corresponds to the share of the owner of the securities in the total authorized capital. It is impossible to distinguish one of the organizational and legal forms as the best. An LLC is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, requires less investment, and is not public. DTP is suitable for training large organizations that want to gain a solid reputation. PJSC is open to the company to attract shareholders. However, its capital is more difficult to build up than with an LLC, because the issuance of securities is an expensive procedure. In addition to CSCs, the signs of advertising and non-advertising now also apply to other forms of organisation of legal persons.

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