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In this blog post, we look at some of the strangest and most archaic laws still in force in the UK legal system today. From a law banning gambling in any public library in the UK to one where killing a swan is an act of treason, these laws will make you scratch your head! Here are some other weird laws you may not have known about: The laws of the 1300s are still in force in the UK, here`s how to avoid getting into trouble More recently, a legislator who came into force in 2004 banned the import of Polish potatoes into the UK without first informing the authorities. This classic relic of the ancient “laws of decency” we had in Britain serves to prevent the corruption of our oh so innocent youth! As you can see, our legal system is littered with amazing laws and actions that seem incredible in today`s modern world. You`ll never look at a sturgeon or salmon the same way! Although they are still in the law books, many of the country`s strange rules have been forgotten – largely because they are no longer enforced. It is obvious that our laws and rules have changed dramatically since the founding of the Kingdom. New laws have been created, many old laws have been abolished, and entirely new systems of government have appeared and disappeared. It is also a fact that there are a number of ancient laws that have simply never been addressed. To show you exactly what we mean, we`ve compiled a list of some old-fashioned laws still in force in the UK – enjoy the relief of the comic, but remember not to break it! You may think this is an old-fashioned British law as set out in the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, but it is still in force today. The study was commissioned by insurance company Privilege, which questions whether so many obscure laws are needed and calls for many to be repealed. The Statute of Marlborough (52 Hen 3) is a series of acts passed by the English Parliament in 1267 during the reign of Henry III.

The laws consisted of 29 chapters, four of which are still in force. These four chapters form the oldest law in the United Kingdom, still in force from 2022. The research revealed 10 lesser-known laws that remain in law books, although in some cases they are old and in others simply bizarre. At number 5 on our list of strange laws in the United Kingdom, under the Treason Felony Act 1848, it is a criminal offence to “put a mark on Her Majesty`s coin or currency with intent to degrade it.” Skipping the queue at an underground venue is a criminal offence under the London Underground laws imposed by Transport for London. Catching sturgeon, importing potatoes and even drinking too much in the pub has legal consequences, according to a new study that has eradicated the strangest British laws that still exist. This is the archetype of antediluvian law that many people believe still exists – but unfortunately it does not. M. Sargeant told the Independent: “Urinating into a police officer`s helmet was one I was looking for and I found no evidence of that.” “It`s still in effect and you have to follow that procedure.” So buckle up and get ready for a strange ride as we explore some of the strange British laws still in place today. Thankfully, since most are incredibly outdated, you won`t find any that tech lawyers or corporate lawyers need.

But read on to learn more about all the strange British laws that still exist. However, this myth has not been proven and even via Royal Mail it is still acceptable to place stamps upside down. A law banning the wearing of armour (1313) is still in force today, making it illegal under British law to wear full armour in the Houses of Parliament. These are the laws we are happy not to be enforced today Here are some other laws that 2Chill has found that will make you question the logic behind them. These strange laws – the Sailors and Soldiers Fake Characters Act 1906 and the Police Act 1996 – were introduced to prevent people from deliberately posing as police or military officers, as this can be very confusing to the public and can also lead to dangerous situations. It`s hard to believe that there are still laws in the UK that date back to the Middle Ages, but it`s true! Originally introduced to encourage reduced alcohol consumption, the law is still used today as a means of combating unacceptable public drunkenness. This law joins the classic relics of the ancient “laws of decency”, a time when Britain tried to prevent the “corruption” of the minds of young people. Whether it`s making it illegal for women to eat chocolate after getting on a bus or banning boys from seeing a nude model, there are a whole host of strange British laws that are still in place today.

But they recently came back to the fore thanks to a viral @alysmusicuk TikTok that talked about Britain`s weirdest laws — and how easily you could break them without realizing it. The legal system in Britain is the product of centuries of creating, changing and destroying laws, and the UK still has many archaic laws to prove it. Throughout its history, the UK has had more than its fair share of unusual laws. It is hard to believe that some of the laws that were enforced in the past, and it is even harder to believe that some of them are still in force today. Below, we look at some of the strangest laws that still exist. Christopher Sargeant, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, spent two months analysing British laws and compiling the list. There are still a number of laws that many have forgotten – mainly because they are no longer enforced, including anyone found washed up or dead on a beach who was not exempt from this rule (e.g. private land). Any whales and sturgeons found should first be offered to the monarch, who could then decide what to do with them. Normally, this decision was forwarded to the receiver of wrecks for a ruling on his behalf.

In practice, the recipient of the wreck no longer offers the whale, but still offers all the sturgeon to the monarch. The law of 1313, “Statute prohibiting the wearing of armor”, states that every human being, without any strength and armor, will come well and peacefully to our glory and the peace of us and our kingdom. The Act was passed during the reign of Edward II. It was written in Anglo-Norman and is still in force today, some 705 years later. It`s a frustrating game that people still play and it can be an extremely annoying nuisance for residents. Stay up to date with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily Newsletter! Did you know that by law, it is actually a criminal offence to allow your own pet to engage in mating rituals with a royal pet? (Without permission, of course – feel free to send a letter to the Queen to see if her corgis are available!). The maximum penalty for violating this law – execution! If you place a queen stamp upside down when you mail letters or packages, this is supposed to be considered treason.

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